Start a Blog

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Start a blog

Want to start a blog/website and you want to earn from it?

DigitalHalva has started to teach people, How to start a blog and make money from that? Many people are earning money from blogging throughout the world. I want you people also become your own boss by learning blogging.

Moreover, this is better because you are blogging on your interests and earning money from it and it’s a great way to start building your Digital career which could help you to become your own boss.

Is coding required to start a Blog?

If you ask me this question then my answer is big NO, because we can start blogging without any coding. Now-a-days most bloggers are starting their blogs without coding. Earlier bloggers used HTML coding to start a blog. Whereas now WordPress helps you to start a blog without any coding knowledge. Designing blog in wordpress is very easy and speed.

Reasons for starting a blog?

The reasons for starting a blog could be many but includes the following:

  • Money
  • To build your personal brand
  • To Gain your knowledge
  • Networking
  • Hobby in writing or any other…

As a beginner, you should have some questions in your mind:

  1. How to start Blogging ?
  2. Which topic you should choose ?
  3. How to select Domain name ?
  4. How to buy Domain and Hosting ?
  5. How to integrate both Domain & Hosting ?
  6. How to design website ?
  7. How to use Addons effectively ?
  8. How to write First Post ?

In this page you will find answers for the above questions and after that you are ready to start Blog.

Below I am providing the overview from scratch to earning money.This involves many steps:

  • Step 1: Decide what you know better and what are your interests
  • Step 2: Select unique Domain name
  • Step 3: Buy Domain & Hosting
  • Step 4: Design Blog
  • Step 6: Use Add-ons
  • Step 7: Start writing and keep on writing as your own
  • Step 8: Drive Traffic and share your writings in various social media platforms
  • Step 9: Apply for Monetization of your blog with Google Adsense
  • Step 10: Get expertise and become your own boss.