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Statistics reveal that over 85% of the searches on the World Wide Web happen through Google. Therefore, the presence of your brand in Google ads is crucial for the success of your online business. Search engine optimization is definitely important and it helps to improve the organic ranking of your website in search results pages (SERPs) and get better results for your business in the longer term. However, for short-term success and earning profits which will help you to sustain your online business, the most effective solution available to you is the placement of advertisements on Google. In fact, Google ads is far the most efficient and effective Pay-Per-Click or PPC advertising program that you can make use of to help your business succeed in this competitive environment.

At Digital Halva, Best Google Ad agency in Hyderabad, we specialize in providing PPC services that will help you to take your online business to its next level of performance. We are a full-service Digital Marketing Company and we have been in business for nearly couple of years. We have helped many online business owners in AP and Telangana change their fortunes through our PPC services.

Google Ads Specialist in Vizag

Our Google Ads Services

PPC Specialist in Hyderabad

Paid Search Ads

Our paid Search Ads (Text Ads & Call Ads) helps you to earn a better return on your investments. This is because our Google Ads Experts create the most targeted advertisements in a cost-effective manner.

Google Ads Professional in VijayawadaDisplay Advertising

When it comes to deployment of Google Ads in Hyderabad, we can proudly say that we are the best. We devise display advertising and marketing strategies that will contribute to enhancing your brand’s exposure, engagement, and conversions. As Google Ads experts, we have the ability to successfully manage brand awareness and direct response campaigns.

PPC Expert in HyderabadVideo Advertising

At Digital Halva, we are specialized in online advertising. We have a committed team of professionals who are always ready to ensure that you enjoy a competitive advantage. For this purpose, we create video (YouTube) advertisements that will be of great help in increasing your brand’s presence.

PPC Specialist in HyderabadPPC Re-Marketing

As the Best PPC Service in Hyderabad, we help you to convert the potential audience into loyal customers. The PPC experts in our team will help you in re-engaging with users who have shown some interest by developing and employing a clear strategy that will help you to meet all your specific needs.

Why Google Ads is Important for Business ?

As mentioned earlier, SEO helps to improve organic ranking in search results. However, it does not guarantee the listing of your website on top on the first page for the targeted search keywords. Some SEO agencies are known to make false promises but it is Google ranking is not an easy task. On the other hand, Google’s advertising platform Google Ads provides you with an assured way of making your website appear on the top in search results pages (SERP) for targeted keywords. If your goal is to get your website listed on the first page, it is imperative that you make use of the opportunity presented by Google Ads and derive immediate results.



It is possible to control the ads as per the budget you allocate for the purpose. You can increase or decrease the ads as per your wish.


PPC Ads deliver immediate results to your business. It helps you to quickly convert visitors into leads and achieve results right away.


You can schedule the delivery of your PPC Ads at times when your target customers are active. Week-days, Week-offs, Morning or Night times etc.,


Certain geographic locations present much better conversion probabilities than others. We will help you to target these specific regions to ensure better ROI for your online business.


Present you with the best options as far as targeting is concerned. This ensures that your ads reach the targeted audience at low costs.


You can exercise complete control as to who all you want to show your Google Ads. This is to say that you can choose your keywords and show your ads only to those users who are using the same keywords for their searches.

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