Google Search Ads Course

Google Ads Coaching in Telugu

Hi Viewers,
This is the customized course.In this course we covered only following Topics:
What is Google Ads?
Types of Keywords?
What is Google Ads Account Structure?
How to Create Google Ads Account?
How to Create Google Ads Campaign (Search Ads)?
How to Create Google Ads Call Ads Campaign?
How to Create Ad Extensions?
What is Quality Score and A/B Testing and
How to Check Auction Insights?

After completion of this course, you will be having theoretical knowledge on Google Ads. In order to get Practical Knowledge on Google Ads it’s important to run live ads on some business. Then only you will become Pro in Google Ads.

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Search Ads Lecture 1
7 Min
Search Ads Lecture 2
5 Min

In this Video, I explained about the Google Ads Account Structure.

Search Ads Lecture 3
12 Min
Search Ads Lecture 4

In this Video,we explained about How to Create Google Ads Account and How to Create Search Ads Campaign

Search Ads Lecture 5
13 Min

Hi Viewers,In this video we explained about How to Create Call Ads Campaign.

Search Ads Lecture 6
12 Min

Hi Viewers,In this Video we explained about Ad Extensions benefits and How to add them

Search Ads Lecture 7
23 Min

Hi Viewers, In this video I explained about Bidding Strategies.

Search Ads Lecture 8
10 Min

Hi Viewers, In this Video i explained about Quality Score and it's Factors & A/B Testing.

Search Ads Lecture 9
9 Min

Hi Viewers, In this video we explained about Auction Insights of Google Ads

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Duration: 2 Hours
Lectures: 9
Video: 1.5 Hours
Level: Beginner
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